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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who need SurveilStar Activity Monitor?

Q2: What is SurveilStar Activity Monitor?

Q3: How does SurveilStar Activity Monitor work?

Q4: Can SurveilStar Activity Monitor capture webmail?

Q5: What is the system requirement?

Q6: Where to install SurveilStar Activity Monitor?

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SurveilStar Activity Monitor How-To's

1. How to deploy SurveilStar monitoring software?

2. How to register & upgrade SurveilStar to the latest version?

3. How to monitor employees' PC/Internet activities in real time?

4. How to conduct perfect computer/Internet surveillance?

5. How to Track browser history?

6. How to prevent data leakage?

7. How to ICQ conversations?



Use SurveilStar Activity Monitor If

. you want to record the web pages browsed, files downloaded and uploaded, emails sent and received, instant messages sent and received, document logs, applications logs or whatever activity in your employees' computer in a local area network.

. you want to identify who may leak your confidential business documents.

. you want to ensure network resources are utilized appropriately

. you want to ensure employees are productive and focused

. you want to know what your kids or spouse are doing on their computers



SurveilStar Activity Monitor is a tool to record and monitor Internet activities in local area network. Specifically, SurveilStar Activity Monitor automatically collects, saves and manages any web pages viewed, files downloaded, emails sent and received , instant messages sent and received, files printed, document used, application launched by any computer in the Local Area Network. It can also create flexible policies to block unwanted websites, applications and restrain your employees' priviledges.



SurveilStar Activity Monitor is composed of three parts which are Server, Console and Agent. Server will collect data from monitored computers where you need to install agent created from the server. You can view collected data in console and control the monitored computer via console with flexible and various policies.



Yes, SurveilStar Activity Monitor can record incoming SMTP/POP3, Exchange, web-based and Lotus Notes emails, as well as outgoing SMTP/POP3 and Exchange emails. Sender, recipient, CC list, BCC list, subject, content and attachment copy will be recorded.



The requirement for Server, Console, Agent will be a little different. Please refer to system requirement sections in download page.



SurveilStar Activity Monitor works most powerfully when installed in a local area network. If your companies are located in different LAN, you may need to set up multiple servers.



Sure, we recommend you visit SurveilStar Official Support Center to learn more.