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Protect your kids with our free parental control software! Do you know how is dangerous Internet? The potential risk to your children's safety is not just only an adult stuff. There are many other dangers, and even online chatting with a strangers can be unsafe for your child! But with our SurveilStar Activity Monitor, the best free parental control software, you can protect your children from undesirable contacts. You can look over their online chatting and e-mails. You can monitor visited websites too. And don't hesitate! Just note: you have the right to know the truth, cause YOU ARE A PARENT! Use our Free Parental Control Software for free!

PC activity monitoring tool helps parents to detect their child’s online habit and internet usage. Software lets parents track what children are doing on PC in their absence. Parents can easily find out child’s web browsing activities, sent mails and msn chat conversation secretly.

Our Free Parental Control Software monitors and records all activities (including sent and received emails, visited websites, MSN chats, ftp files, etc) on your computer. With this activity monitor tool parents can easily know what their children have done on PC when they are supposed to do work or home assignment.

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Our Parental Control Software Solutions...

With our parental control software products - SurveilStar Activity Monitor Free Edition and SurveilStar Activity Monitor Professional Edition you can monitor all computer activities, capture screenshots, filter and block harmful contents or websites, send alarm message on the screen of the computer, and many more.

Shield your family from pornography and predators. Fight back against high-tech porn-pushers and protect your children from unwanted pornography with the software below!

SurveilStar Parental Control SoftwareSurveilStar Activity Monitor Professional

An all-in-one parental control software solution which combines powerful computer monitoring software with the ability to block inappropriate websites, games, and selected applications.

This parental control tool invisibly records everything your children do, including web sites visited, system activity, programs used, screenshots and more. Besides, you can limit and control the time your children spend on surfing the internet. As a control tool the program allows you to block selected games or applications.

SurveilStar Activity Monitor software program helps parents to monitor and control the child's use of the Internet and computer. With our parental control software, you can filter-out websites, blogs, e-mails and instant messages if they contain inappropriate words; specify days and hours when Internet is allowed; limit amount of data that can be sent or received via Internet, set the lists of allowed and blocked Internet programs, get real time screenshots to see what your children are doing on computer.

SurveilStar's real power is its comprehensive activity monitoring. Mom and Dad can view surfing history, IM conversations, application usages, e-mail—everything! The kids won't dare do anything improper.

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Control Children's Computer Activity with SurveilStar Activity Monitor

With SurveilStar Activity Monitor Software installed you can essentially control what can be done, when it can be done, and how it can be done for each user of your computer. All of this along with complete monitoring of websites, chat sessions, and much more. By incorporating filtering and restriction you have the most complete parental control software available on the market today!

SurveilStar Activity Monitor, the best parental control software program, gives you complete control over your child’s use of the computer: when he or she can use it for entertainment, and when for doing homework. It enables you to restrict the times when the computer can be used, and to set the times that your child may surf the Internet, play games, use particular programs, and watch movies. Whilst SurveilStar has been designed to enable you to control your young child’s computer use, it can also be put in place in order to limit the access to the computer of employees.

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SurveilStar Parental Control Software Includes:

1. Content Controls - Flexible content control allows you to select the types of website that are appropriate.

2. Program Controls - Control Instant Messengers, P2P File Sharing, and other harmful programs.

3. Time Controls - Control the amount of time spent online, and the times when the internet is available.

4. Usage Logging - Create and review logs of websites visited, programs used on the Internet, and Instant Messaging Chats.

5. Usage Alerts - Be notified instantly via email, text message, or phone call when someone visits inappropriate websites.

Parental Control Software For Website Content

There are many different types of websites that can be potentially harmful to children. With 35 categories, our parental control software gives you the ability to fine tune access to websites and ensure that harmful content is blocked. Our effective Internet control will ensure that your children are protected whenever they go online.

You can block any website whose domain includes the word "sex" by blocking "*sex*", * stands for any letters or strings. You can even block any websites including .com, .net or other domains and then create another policy to allow the specified websites. The priority of allow is higher then block. You can also create a web class which includes all the web addresses you allow your children to visit.

Instant Messaging Parental Control Software

Whether you are interested in blocking Instant Messaging or just monitoring who your children are chatting with, Safe Eyes parental control software helps you accomplish the task with ease. Our parental controls allow you to monitor Yahoo!, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, and MSN Instant Messenger.

SurveilStar Activity Monitor is capable of recording any instant messages in any language at any time. It also comes with convenient search features which can help to track instant messages by time, user, program, content, etc.

Control Time Spent Online with SurveilStar Parental Control Software

The Internet can be a great resource for homework, research projects and fun activities. But Sitting for a long time in positions that aren't natural for their body can strain their hands, wrists, back, and eyes. If you are concerned your child may be spending too much time online or playing games SurveilStar will offer a solution.

SurveilStar parental controls allow you to specify the amount of time that can be spent online, and the times of the day when the Internet is available. Also you can prevent the PC usage until the specified date, after the specified date or between specified dates. The password control prevents unauthorized users to change settings and uninstall the product.

SurveilStar is a simple and very reliable parental control program, which allows you to set exactly which programs and web sites you want your young child to have access to. Your child will only be able to enter sites that have been specially selected by you, and play only on the games that you have allowed. All other web sites and programs will not be accessible by your child. Normally these are accessible through your Windows desktop, but SurveilStar temporarily hides this desktop and replaces it with a new one from which your child will be able to use the computer.

If you are a concerned parent, monitor your children online and protect them from possible online threats.

If your kids are chatting online with unknown strangers, you will know. It's all up to you, stop them now before it is too late! Don't go to bed another night having to worry about what your child is doing online.