SurveilStar Activity Monitor is a PC activity monitoring software program dedicated to employee monitoring with fully flexible features.

30-day Free Employee Monitoring Software

Are you a boss? Are you sure your employees use their PCs and Internet only for a work? Do they work as assiduously when you are away as they do when you are in office? If you are not sure, you have to check it! How? Just download SurveilStar Activity Monitor - Free Employee Monitoring Software, install it on their computers. Now you can view log files anytime through the LAN. Or you can do it directly from their PCs later, in the evening.

SurveilStar Activity Monitor has been designed for invisible and undetectable monitoring of employees to check if they are wasting their time on non-official work or engaged in personal mails instead of doing job they are paid for. SurveilStar records and logs everything they do online/offline in absence of seniors.

Employee activity monitoring software monitors and maintains log of all keystrokes typed, application accessed with date and time, website usage, voice chat records, sent mails, system sound activities and even login passwords in stealth mode to detect if your employees are selling company secrets to your competitors.

Our Employee Monitoring Software Solutions...

With our employee computer activity monitoring products - SurveilStar Activity Monitor Free and SurveilStar Corporate IT Solution you will know what your employees type, who they talk to, documents they open and print, what websites they visit, software titles they run, and emails they send and receive just like watching a program on your television. You can send notifications and messages to the employees system to stop any ongoing activity.

Find out who is the most productive employee, and who are the busy or lazy employees in your company with the employee computer activity monitoring software below!

Download SurveilStart Activity Monitor FreewareSurveilStar Corporate IT Solution

SurveilStar is a unique computer monitoring software solution. It works like a surveillance camera for computer. It gives you the ability to monitor the computer screen of multiple employees simultaneously and know everything by directly viewing their work!

Key features of SurveilStar Activity Monitor Professional:

• Real-time monitoring and Internet tracking

• Record live screenshots of multi network computers

• Monitor USB stick, MMC/SD Card, CD/DVD usage, applications usage

• Send alarms to console when employee steals company secretes



Monitor Your Employees with SurveilStar Employee Activity Monitor or Corporate IT Solution

SurveilStar Employee Activity Monitor software will tell you everything your employees are doing online during the working hours. It'll provide answers to questions facing the employers, or managers in the professional sector every day. You can get this information at any moment in real time. It's also possible to limit access to the internet by setting up a list of "allowed" sites and time slots within which these sites can be visited.

To protect companies and resources, you can use SurveilStar, which has been specially designed for employee monitoring. It'll tell you who spends the most time browsing non-work related sites, what sites are visited, and when it occurs up to a second.

easy to useMonitor Employee Computer Activities

With SurveilStar, you can monitor everything happened or is happening in the client computer, including:

Outgoing and incoming emails ( POP, SMTP, Webmail ) - Record and save copies of emails read in Outlook Express, Winmail, Foxmail, Incredimail, Thunderbird, Opera, Eudora, Netscape, Pegasus, etc. Log all outgoing webmails ( Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.);

IM chats - Log all chats of both sides in instant messengers ( MSN, AOL, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, etc.);

Web usage - Log all the websites visited and titles of all webpages;

Application used/using - Log all running applications and record all applications that have been used;

Removable disk operation - USB stick, MMC/SD Card, CD/DVD ROM usage, etc;

FTP activity history - Record FTP uploading and downloading actions and all files downloaded by users.

block internet connectionFilter Web Contents and Block Website Access

With SurveilStar, you can filter searching keywords, block unwanted website access, disable USB flash drive, block certain applications that is non-work-related (games, p2p program, etc.) and more.

You can filter offensive keywords both for search engines and instant messengers with SurveilStar employee monitoring software. You can block those websites that are popular but have nothing to do with office work. Like social network sites ( Myspace, Orkut, Facebook, etc. ), shopping sites ( Amazon, Ebay, etc.). You can block specific applications from running and filter programs from being downloaded ( games, P2P programs, etc. ). You can disable all removable disks from being used ( USB, card reader, CD-ROM, etc.).

filter webpagesControl Employees Computer Activities

With SurveilStar, you can command the client computers from the central server. You can remotely take control of the keyboard and mouse of users' computers, install or uninstall software, do file operations (cut/delete/open/create), shutdown/lock/restart the remote PCs, upload/download programs. You can even send files to share with company staff.

Operate employees' computer as if you are the user sitting in front of the PC. You can create, delete, copy or open files remotely. Remotely lock, restart, or shutdown client computers when employee ignore company rule and don't behave themselves. Remotely install/uninstall software, upload/download programs of the client computer with SurveilStar employee Internet monitoring software.

monitor fpt filesSend Employees Alert Notifications

With SurveilStar, you can send alert to remote computer users when employees try to copy confidential data with removable disk, run unwanted application, open shopping or porn sites, etc.

You can send to the remote PC alerts when employees violate company discipline, such as copying important data, opening porn websites, downloading games, etc.

SurveilStar Activity Monitor is the most intelligent computer monitoring software, which monitors and records every desktop activity of users in a network. It is an efficient and easy to use monitoring software, which is capable of capturing every computer activity that is performed on the users desktop including chat conversations, emails, Web sites visited, Web searches, programs run, on screen typed Keystrokes, files transferred, and much more.

SurveilStar Activity Monitor has the ability to create recordings of all on-going activities in real time. Recordings are created and saved to video file that can be viewed with Windows Media Player. It is a useful surveillance utility that enables organizations to audit the activities of employees during work hours. It helps parents, spouse, and employers to keep an eye on internet and PC activities. It works invisibly in the background; therefore, even an experienced user cannot locate or stop this monitoring software.

No doubt, real time monitoring software improves the employees' productivity and decreases the possibility of security breaches. But, hard evidence is vital to identify and prove the disloyal employees. Keeping such situations in mind, our employee monitoring software is designed to save all the monitored activities for future references. It is beneficial in situation of employee disloyalty where saved activities act as prove evidence for any legal proceedings. It also creates offline logs when you are not present to monitor them!

It is useful for companies and organizations that are facing problems of confidential data transfer, wastage of working hours, net surfing, and time spent on personal activities by their employees. With SurveilStar Employee Monitoring software, employer can effectively monitor employees during their working hours and can experience the enhanced efficiency and increased output at work. It is the perfect employee monitoring software that monitors every activity including currently running applications, typed keystrokes, websites visited, list of the file(s) uploaded / downloaded through FTP protocol, opened / closed windows application, desktop screenshots, chat logs, internet activities, system process, and much more.