SurveilStar Activity Monitor monitors everything happened on your employees' PC, and you can control what they can do by creating policies for document, emails, applications, devices and more...

SurveilStar Activity Monitor -- Protect & Increase Your Business

SurveilStar Activity Monitor is an ultimate invisible and undetectable easy-to-use activity monitoring and surveillance tool (surveillance software) for individual PCs. Focus on monitoring screen snapshots, visited websites, received and sent emails, instant messages, application logs, document logs, transferred files and more. What is more, you can create different policies to define what can be done, block harmful and unnecessary websites and applications, restrict email sending, file printing, device usage, document operation and IM tools, record screen history for reviewing later.

This lets you keep an eye on your employees, cheating spouse, and children online activities. With this PC activity software, an officer who is in charge of security can monitor employees' PC activity to prevent industrial espionage and improve employees' working productivity; partner can find out if they have a cheating girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse; parents will be able to protect their kids from Internet predators, pedophiles, cyber stalkers, online sex offfenders.

SurveilStar Activity Monitor Main Features:

1 View real-time screenshot and record screen history for review

2 Record complete website visit histories, block unwanted websites

3 Record a full copy of chat/IM conversations from both sides

4 Track document usage and restrain document operation priviledge

5 Track application logs, block unwanted applications

6 Record and control incoming and outgoing emails

7 Manage network and bandwidth, limit download speed, file upload, etc.

8 Record and control local, shared, network and virtual printer logs

9 Enable/disable storage, USB, network and communication devices

10 Set warnings for users, alerts for manager and take actions remotely

11 Manage software/hardware like control panel, manage serive, process, etc.

12 Provide statistics for application, website and traffic and other tools.




Graphical Interface

screen monitoringReal-time screen monitoring & screen history recording

View multiple real-time screen snatshops simultaneous just like you are on the sport. You can view 1*1, 2*2, 3*3 and 4*4 screenshots and capture individual screen snapshot and save as pictures.

Create a screen recording policy to record any employee's screen history for reviewing later, play the recorded history like a video, or export to *.wmv video format.

record website visitsRecord all website visits and block unwanted websites

Record a complete copy of website list that your employees have visited, including URL, title, time and more, no matter whether website history is removed on the PC or not. Support Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera, Maxthon and many other popular web browsers.

Create a web policy to block any unwanted websites like porn, gamble, games, SNS, shopping, etc. You can assign different policies and set time range to different users flexibly.

record IM/chatRecord chatting and instant messages from both sides

Record a full copy of conversations from both sides with participants, time, contact ID and contact nickname, support various IM tools like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Tencent QQ, Google Talk and more.

Create an IM file policy to control sending files via IM. In the policy, you can block any files containting keywords, block sending pictures, restrict file size and back up the file your employees want to send.

document logsTrack operated documents and control document usage

Record any operated document like PDF, Word, Excel, Pictures, Archive and more, record operation type, user, source file with extension, file size, path, disk type and applications.

Create a document policy to restrain operation types like Create, Copy, Move, Rename, Restore, Delete, Access, Modify, Upload, Download and Burn as well as disk types including fixed drive, floppy, DVD/CD-ROM, removable drive and network drive.

application logsRecord application usage and block unwanted applications

Record detailed application logs once the application is launched. Start time, stop time, application name, appliation installation path, window title and more information will be recorded.

Create an application policy to block any unwanted applications, games or executable files. You can sort applications into categories and block the entire category.

record emailsRecord and control incoming and outgoing emails.

Record incoming SMTP/POP3, Exchange, web-based and Lotus Notes emails, as well as outgoing SMTP/POP3 and Exchange emails. Sender, recipient, CC list, BCC list, subject, content and attachment copy will be recorded.

Create an email policy to control email sending and receiving by domain, email address, attachment, email size, etc. This help to prevent spammers and reduce the possibility of data leakage via email.

network & bandwidthManage network and bandwidth, limit file download and upload

Record a full list of shared files with operation type, remote host, source file and shared file path, enable or disable remote control and remote file transfer.

Create a bandwidth policy to limit file download and upload speed, create a network policy to block IP range and/or port range and create an upload control policy to disable uploading files to website or FTP.

printing logsRecord and control file printing

Record detailed information of printed task, support local printer, shared printer, network printer and virtual printer. You can also automatically add text or picture watermark to any printed files.

Create a printing policy to control what files can be printed, what printers can be used, who can print and what applications can be used to print.

hardware managerManage and control hardware easily

Record software and hardware changes as well as operation types including Add, Delete or change.

Create a device policy to decide what kind of hardware can be used, support storage devices, communication interface devices, USB devices, dial-up devices, network devices and other devices. It's an efficient way to prevent copying files with remmovable drive and USB memory.

warningsSet warnings, alerts and take actions

You can remotely notify, shutdown, restart, log off or lock any monitored computers. You can also set warning messages for any policy violance and set alerts for IT managers.

You can decide whether to automatically lock any computer which is trying to violate the policy. Besides, you can send email notification to specific email address when policy is being violated.

pc maintenanceView and manage real-time PC status

View real-time PC status, inicluding running applications, processes, PC performance, device manager, services, disk management, shared folders, scheduled tasks, users and groups, software management, remote control and remote file transfer.

Remotely close applications, end processes, disable or enable hardwares, start or stop services, stop sharing folders, stop scheduled tasks and uninstall software.

statisticsProvide statistics and tools for easier management

Provide statistics for applications, websites and traffic using pie chart or bar chart, filtering the top ones.

View all the basic information of monitored computers, assign different priviledges for different users, provide offline agent clear tool and many other pratical features.